Excellent Preventative Measure for My Employees

I hired a chiropractor in Valley Village to come into my company’s workplace about once every two month in order to perform spinal screenings for my workforce. I own a warehouse and employee many workers to do a lot of lifting and moving. Many times they can use forklifts for the heavier packages and items, but there is still a lot of manual loading of trucks to be done. That means there is always the risk of someone hurting their back or neck and that can cost a lot of money in workman’s comp for the company.

I used to do this sort of work before starting my own business and I wish someone back then had taken the time to bring in a chiropractor to make sure everyone is healthy and functioning at a high level. I saw some guys really get hurt and it didn’t have to happen. I myself still have a bad back because the company I worked for didn’t take the time to bring in a professional to take a look and explain how to work in a way that would prevent injuries. I didn’t want that happening to any of my employees.

The chiropractor really does a good job with these screenings. He also does a good job explaining the best ways to lift boxes and move them without blowing out your back or neck. The spine is actually a pretty delicate part of the body, and it’s easy to hurt yourself in a way that will cause pain issues years down the road. Since doing the spinal screenings, we’ve seen a marked decrease in the number of neck and back injuries in the warehouse. I can’t even remember the last time someone went out with a back injury, come to think of it, and it’s due to these effective screenings.